Long before the Great King Egg bequeathed Nod to the aristocratic lord Richard Xagyg, its lands had been home to the tribal nations of Elves who enjoyed the forested mountains, bountiful rivers, and beautiful valleys. When the first explorers arrived in Nod during the 17th Age, they found the Elves to be peaceful and willing to trade. The Five Nations of Elves welcomed the strangers with open arms.

The explorers were mainly Humans who discovered that the native Elves were weakened from warring with tribes of Goblins, Orcs, and other Goblinoid races. The Elves were suffering from measles and smallpox, diseases tat had slowly crept up from the Everdark. The explorers saw an opportunity here and made pacts with the Elves to help fight against the Goblinoid armies in exchange for permission to establish a small village defended by a fort. This was the first Human community established in Nod but it would not be the last.