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Forest Gremlins are a distinct breed of forest-dwelling Goblin species that are known to in many forested locations within Mawveth, especially the Dark Forest. Similar in both culture and appearance to the common Goblin, the Forest Gremlins have in a sense, degenerated into a primitive shamanistic culture that revolves around the spiritual veneration of the Giant Spiders that have made the forest their home.


So I created GRIMDARK: A SNEAK PEEK and offered it for download on The DM’s Guild and I’m happy with the document. It provides some radical changes to the Core rules of D&D 5th edition and shakes things up well enough. But the downside of this is that it’s clunky and complicated, especially for new players.

So my next goal is to create GRIMDARK rules that do not reinvent the wheel. I want to stick with the Core Rules of D&D and present them in such a way that allows for grim, gritty, and uberdark storytelling. I’d like to present the rules within a campaign setting much like Eberron or Ravica. This setting at this point will be called “Mawveth.”

So that’s what I’ll be focusing on for the next few months. If you have any suggestions, any at all, please comment below. In order to comment you need to click on the title of this post to view is as a single page.

My plans for Grimdark.
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Something sinister is afoot in the village of Tophet. Children have been disappearing in the middle of the night. The normally xenophobic townsfolk have become so desperate that they have sent out a plea for help to the residents of Seven Towns. 

Can the adventurers solve the mystery and return the children safely to their homes?   Can the adventurers solve the mystery and return the children safely to their homes? Or will they succumb to whatever foul creature is kidnapping the children?


Once upon a time, on the Island of Parepidaymos (par-ep-id’-ay-mos) there was a small community called Seven Towns. When Tophet requested assistance, the Council of Seven Town saw this as an excellent opportunity to open trading routes with the separatist, xenophobic, self-sustaining village of Tophet. Opening the trading routes North would be quite lucrative. And so the Council decided to elect representatives to go help Tophet.


  • Emet Cooperson is a seeker of the One True God and wielder of secret magicks. He comes from the Seven Towns lumber village of Clarion. He is young and enthusiastic to a fault. Emet seeks to rescue the children of Tophet to promote the Greater Good.
  • The Seven Towns coal mining town of Dagnus Mines has put their trust in the scout named Uwe Gudderson. He hopes to open trading between Seven Towns and Tophet by helping to find the missing children. Uwe is a follower of Torm the True whose main temple is located in the city of Shamokin.
  • The mountain village of Rockton elected to send Jessie to aid Tophet. She is a valiant fighter, speaking more with actions than words.
  • Rayna Mithrow is a high ranking noble from the mountain village of Rockton. She has elected to seek out and rescue the children of Tophet because she feels she cannot trust anyone else to carry out the mission despite Jessie having been sent by the Council.
  • Old Man Lev wanders the wilds of Seven Towns ceaselessly patrolling its boundaries. Little is known about this man, but many know of him. His good deeds are legendary in Seven Towns, and many whisper that he is a survivor of the massacre at Devil’s Rocks between Men and Elves.
  • Sir Sven Prefontain hails from the village of Duboistown. He is a knight in the Order of Torm, the One True God. He earned his knighthood after nearly giving his life in the Battle of Devil’s Rocks. It is his holy mission to promote truth and justice by weeding out and obliterating wickedness and Evil.
  • Dale Buckman the Archer of Buckland is a young man. He was elected to seek out and rescue the lost children of Tophet because he is a part of the original patriarchy of Buckland. Dale sees this mission as a way to test his abilities and hone his skills.
  • Lady Rhallesi of Shamokin is an acolyte of the Temple of Torm. She has spent most of her years within the walls of the temple. She elected to represent Shamokin for the Council of Seen Towns in aiding Tophet. Those who serve Torm know of her and her dedication to the Faith.

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I have been slowly adding some PDF documents to DM’s Guild. I can’t promise that any of its any good. It’s just stuff that I have used in my homebrew games of Dungeons & Dragons. Maybe someone else will get some use out of it. Each one is $1 for a PDF download.

GRIMDARK is in its third edition right now. It is a variant rules system that allows you to play a “grim and gritty” version of D&D 5th edition. The system features low hit point totals, changes to how armor works, and new rules for resting

DM Rich discusses the artful use of a Total Party Knock Out to replace the traditional TPK.

This Special Reference Document discusses the issue of Resurrection in games of D&D 5th edition and suggests ways to make bringing back the dead an essential part of a story.
Avast, ye scury seadogs! There be Murderhobos on the high seas!
This Special Reference Document provides information from DM Rich’s pirate-themed campaign called “Really Bad Eggs.” You’ll discover arcana about a Planejamming ship named the Lucille, a full pirate crew, and several charts and tables to allow a DM to randomly roll pirate booty during the next adventure on the high seas!  Check it out. You might even find some sinister secrets to use during the upcoming “Ghosts of Saltmarsh” campaign.

Thanks for taking a look at my DM’s Guild stuff. I’ve been working through some intense mental health issues since October 2018 and writing seems to be a good coping skill for me to help with grounding and focus.



The new document is 16 pages including fancy artwork, updated rules based on playtesting, and new features like “Soaking Off” damage and armor Durability. The PDF document is on a 10% off sale right now because of International GM’s Day so it’s less than $1.00 for a download right now. So far 76 people have downloaded the document. Why not be number 77?