I doubt it. But if those things on the front were POW 21 cannons with a 6″ spray, I would totally buy it.


Since there is a link between the Iron Kingdoms and steam locomotives, I often read posts on the Privateer Press forums about model railroading. Most of the time the questions deal with scale and cost of materials. Most of the time the other people responding are correct. However, not always. Please refer to this link…


A short list of warcasters I need to try out soon.

TUTORIAL – Gatormen Posse Upgrade!

So like many Blindwater Congregation players I have 2 full units of the Gatormen Posse. I finished my 1st squad doing nothing special and decided I wanted to spruce up my 2nd unit so I started to search the interwebs. I stumbled onto these SKORNE Gatormen Posse and then it hit me. I just happened…


Just checking in for a quick post. My most recent game was at G.O.D. club night against Khador247. He was using The Butcher and I fielded Lt. Allister Caine with a full complement of his Theme Force of Gun Mages. Both units had The Dude (you get an extra Dude with the Theme Force!) and…


Magnus the Warlord battles Khador, Protectorate of Menoth, and Skorne for the right to be crowned King of the Hill.

No Quarter Covers Lock & Load! (via nqmagazine)

No Quarter not only has a new blog on but will be using it to give coverage of Load & Load. Can’t make it to Lock & Load? Not to worry. No Quarter Magazine has you covered. Your friendly neighborhood editor-in-chief will be providing exciting coverage of the entire event starting first thing Saturday…


I’m converting a second Kaya miniature. It’s a work in process.

The Gun Corps

I now have two units of Gun Corps and I will be painting them this week.