I started the year out this week by playing my first game of Malifaux against my friend John. He used Sonnia Criid and I played with The Viktorias. We used our friend Dwight’s fancy Terraclips set. No, we didn’t take any pictures, but I plan to start bringing along my camera to snap off a shot or two in the bowels of the G.O.D. Gaming Club HQ basement.

The scenario for the game of simple enough. Split the board into four equal parts, and by turn 6 have more surviving models in each section that the dude you are playing against. No problem, right? I started to wonder when I noticed that John had about three more models than I did. That could be a problem.

He won the flip to go first, so we started putting down miniatures.We deployed to corners. In the end, he had put all of his guys into a brick on the middle of his deployment zone, and I had mine spread out along the front of my zone with the idea that I’d come at his from two different directions.

I put the Viktorias and Johan to the right, Convict Gunslinger and Taelor to the left. Bishop was going to limp right down the middle across a bridge.

The first turn was simple enough. Everyone Double Walked forward, seeking cover and ood LOS vantage points. My models on the left stayed on the ground, moving under the bridge towards a set of stairs that would bring them into John’s deployment zone on his right flank. Bishop went across the bridge which would bring him out in front of the brick. Johan and the Viktorias started up the stairs which would lead them to John’s left flank.

Turns two and three were bad for me. John had won the flip to go first all three turns. Sonnia used magical fire spells to toss three wounds on to Taelor, and Bishop died trying to cross the bridge thanks to shots from the Witchling Stalkers. Samuel tried to Rapid Fire the Convict Gunslinger but luckily all three shots were misses. By turn three, I was still moving the Crew into position to come at Sonnia from all directions, and had only landed a few Weak damage flips on a Witchling or two thanks to shots from the Gunslinger.

Turn four was deadly. I won the flip to go first, but John used soulstones to cheat his way into going first for the fourth time of the game. He managed to kill one of the Viktorias with Sonnia, and Johan went down to the combined shooting of Sonnia’s minions. On my turns, the Convict Gunslinger managed to kill two Witchlings, and Taelor killed a third. Viktoria would have liked to have charged Sonnia but a magical wall of fire stopped her from doing so.

Turn four and is where I started to shine. John’s flips were coming up with low numbers, and all mine were high. Viktoria charged in and killed Sonnia after triggering Whirlwind. And yes, the Red Joker showed up just in time in my favor. Taelor smacked Samuel and triggered a Knockback, tossing him away. She followed up with a smashing blow to kill a Fire Gamin, sucking up the damage that it gave her as it died.

Turn five saw Viktoria being charged by a Fire Gamin. This put me in a rough spot because killing it would also kill Viktoria due to her remaining Wounds being low at this point. However, John couldn’t get his cards to agree and basically did nothing to my models. My models didn’t score any more kills, but they didn’t need to.

Turn six was uneventful, but led to mu victory as I managed to have more models in the different sectors than John.

Victory was mine!

Winning my first game of Malifaux for the year was encouraging. I remain undeafeated with the Viktorias, and I’m ready for my next opponent!

Keep rollin’ sixes … or in this case … flipping high!



Last night, I accepted a challenge from a good friend of mine named John. He wanted to play me at a game of Malifaux, and that sounded like a lot of fun to me … so I accepted. I decided to break out my new and never before used Ortegas crew (with Sam Hopkins added) to use against his Neverborn. He used the Lillith boxed set along with Nekima.

Long story short, the Neverborn ate my dudes alive. Literally.

Neverborn are fast little buggers, so I should have been finding areas of cover, digging in, and playing sniper with most of my crew. Instead, I was playing aggressively and moving forward and shooting. What I failed to realize was the low, low DEF that the Gunslingers have and their lack of effective melee. They need to stay back and shoot. Period.

Nino and Francisco went down first. Although they got off a few nice hits on a Young Nephilim, and Nino even triggered a Head Shot … Nekima showed up and ruined their fun. Nekima flew over a building, charged Nino thus ending up also engaging Francisco. Nekima managed to make short work of them due to some nice cards drawn by John. I didn’t expect Nekima to fly up over the building for some reason, silly me. Next time, I’ll use some smarts with that one. Both of these guys should have been on elevated terrain, shooting like crazy. Since Neverborn can fly, I should have been using Companion to gang up on them and take them out.

Papa Loco has a little fun tossing dynamite, but ended up getting engaged on a bridge with a Terror Tot. After some back and forth for about three turns, the Tot killed Papa, thus setting off BOOM! which killed the Terror Tot. Papa did what he was supposed to do … in my eyes … wade in and cause some havoc. Force the opponent to deal with him and hope to take some of the baddies out when he goes down.

Papa Loco
WIP ~ Papa Loco ~ 6/2011

Samael is a pretty cool model, but I didn’t use him to his potential. He spent the first two turns getting into position under a bridge and then walked out to attack Lillith. However, thanks to some terrible card flips, that tactic went south very quickly. He was then engaged by a Mature Nephilim. Despite some good effort on Sam’s part, the combination of Black Blood and Neverborn badassness put him in an early grave. Again, I was caught off guard with the Flight ability. Those Neverborn are fast!

Santiago is a badass. He has a bunch of special abilities. He managed to do some decent damage to the Mature Nephilim and a Young Nephilim. His a ability to do critical damage along with burning two Action Points to get three shots is excellent. He put up a damn good fight, but there were just too many Neverborn hitting him at once. He finished the game with three remaining boxes. Not bad.

Last but not least we have Perdita. She’s a fun Master to play. Her defense is good, and she can hold her own in a fight. Oh, and Gunfighter is great in case you wondered. Although this is the first time I played her, I enjoyed using the Obey spell. I kept a card in my hand to get the spell off. I chose to target Nekima, and flipped the Red Joker. Of course, Nekima was sent off to charge Lillith and caused four wounds. Nice. I plan to use this trick more often. Perdita took 1 damage from Black Blood.

The game ended with a scenario win to John. I believe the scenario was Land Grab. A point was marked on the Board and he finished the 6th turn with more of his dudes by the marker than me. My mistake was trying to get close to the marked point for the scenario. I should have stayed back, and shot the hell out of everything.

Next time, I will plan on using Companion to activate the majority of my crew to center on one target, and shoot the hell out of it. I think that’s the best way to handle Neverborn anyway. Isolate a target, activate all at once, and shoot it dead.

I look forward to reading more about Gunslinger tactics, and getting some more games in with the Ortega crew. If you’ve played these guys and want to offer some advice or tactics, please use the comments below to give me some sage advice. Until next time, keep rollin’ sixes …. or in this case … flippin thirteens.

‘More sedatives, he still has a pulse!’ (via Suggestion^n)

This is a great blog post about Malifaux. Enjoy.

'More sedatives, he still has a pulse!' Not many beyond Sebastian had seen McMourning's nurses. One might suspect that he, like his counterpart Seamus, surrounded himself by women he made beautiful. McMourning, however, took little notice of the women charged with the task of maintaining his creations. It was the nurses, themselves, desperate to preserve a beauty that had long since faded, that filled their own veins with the diluted formulas they used to preserve the flesh of McMourni … Read More

via Suggestion^n


The Mad Hatter
Care for some tea?

I am making some progress with my Malifaux miniatures. I’m trying to finish off my Viktorias, and then complete the Ortegas. I’ve also been working on a Convict Gunslinger. Here’s some updated photos. Enjoy.

The first is my Convict Gunslinger. He is nicknamed “Sloth,” He’s sporting bright green hair, and an orange jumpsuit. I played around a bit with his skin tone, and tried to focus on his face and eyes. I’m not good at faces, so I am using these models to practice. I’ll probably base the model with some sand, a little flock, and a littering of shell casings. 

Convict Gunslinger
Convict Gunslinger - WIP - 6/2011

Next, we have Papa Loco. I just plain like this model, but he’s been a bit of a pain to paint. I put a bunch of Woodland Scenics “Junk Pile” details on the base to give the appearance that Papa has been tossing his dynamite as he advances on the enemy. I decided that I’d paint him in an orange prison jumpsuit as well. Right now, all I have to do is clean up his face, dot the eyes, and pick out some details.

Papa Loco
WIP ~ Papa Loco ~ 6/2011

Next, we have Viktoria with Swords. I have officially called her done. I touched up some of her details, and stepped away from the model. I find that sometimes I start to obsess about details with some models, and this is one of those. I needed to just call it done and move on to the other ones on the painting table.

Viktoria stalks the streets


Well, that’s all for now. I have plenty of painting to do, and I will continue to log in and share my progress with you. Thanks for checking things out.

Ready for a Show Down
Ready for a Show Down!
Oh, hello there!
Oh, hi there. Time to die!


A brazier grill loaded with fresh charcoal bri...
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After getting the necessary odd jobs done around the house (and managing to avoid a few as well) I moved one of my tables outside and set things up so I could paint on the deck. I tried to do this yesterday, but got rained out. I set up the laptop so I could stream some decent music and then fired up the grill to make a few hamburgers. So that’s how I spent my afternoon: drinking Coke Zero, eating hamburgers, listening to music, and painting some miniatures.

I painted a little on my Kaya conversion. I am painting her hair a bright magenta purple, and her cloak a dark green.

I also managed to get some more work down on my Viktoria crew, as well as, the Convict Gunslinger. I’m not usually one to pick out small details when I’m doing small based models. Wahammer killed me on that. Having to paint a hundred Brettonians who were going to die like pigs broke my soul. Although I did enjoy painting my dozens of Nurgle Plaugebearers, but that’s because no matter what they look like … if they are ugly … you win.

Anyway, I have been trying to do a little better on painting faces. I think I’m making a little progress. I guess I’ve gained a little painting XP with the practice. I’m actually working on picking out their eyes and trying to add some flavor to their faces. When I post the updates to my pictures hopefully you’ll see that I at least tried to focus on the faces a bit.

I had a lot of fun today, and I’ll post some pictures of my progress as soon as I can snap off a frame or two with our fancy new camera. But right now I’m watching Ice Road Truckers … :O)

A short review of Malifaux (via Zac’s gaming blog)

Zac saves me some time and provides an in depth look at Malifaux. I enjoyed this post and wanted to share it with anyone happening to glance at my WRECK MARKER.

Out with the Ortegas - a short review of Malifaux I took my Malifaux Ortega crew to Myth Games yesterday to have my first game of Malifaux. Brett was kind enough to run me through the game and was using his Nocodem Ressurectionist crew. We played a 30 Soulstone game which gave me enough points to take all the Ortegas from the starter set as well as the Enslaved Nephilim totem for Perdita and a few extra Soulstones to use in the game. I didn't take any photos of the game as I was trying to concen … Read More

via Zac's gaming blog

Malifaux Miniatures


Well, I got a little painting done. I am working on a big batch of my Malifaux miniatures, both the Viktorias and the Ortegas. I have been trying to use colors that I normally don’t use with my WARMACHINE and HORDES stuff. So it’s been fun to break out purples, oranges, and other bright colors. The combination of P3, GW, I-Kore, and Vallejo paint is working fine to add some variations in color. My I-Kore paint is almost 11 years old, and holding out well. Can’t say the same for a lot of the GW paint pots. For now, it’s only really worth showing the Viktorias because they are the ones closest to being finished. And I’ll throw in the Convict Gunslinger, too. Let me know what you think.

Viktoria (Paired Weapons)
Viktoria (Paired Weapons)

 This Viktoria with her Paired Weapons is pretty cool. She’s a monster in combat, and her Trigger of Whirlwind is rough. I’ll need to get her a totem and a few Ronin in the future. I painted her with purple hair just for fun, and used turquoise on the blades of her swords. She’s mostly done, but needs a little touch up paint here and there on the details.

Taelor (wip)

Taelor is tough to beat. She’s a tank, and can suck up a lot of damage with her special abilities. Her hammer gives her a three inch melee range, so she can take out enemies from afar without needing a gun. I really like her pose, pointing a finger at her next victim. With Taelor, who needs Thor? She’s close to being done. Needs basing of course, and some detail touch up.

The Crew
The Rest of the Crew

These guys still need some work. Viktoria is going to have a magenta overcoat, but otherwise will be painted a lot like the other Viktoria. Bishop has bright Arcane Blue hair highlighted with Hawk Turquoise. I also used Thrall Flesh to give him an unhealthy sheen to his skin. And Johan has a bright green cape, and light blue pants. I have to finish their bases as well, but will probably just go with a simple flocking of my “forest mix” that uses Woodland Scenic Burnt Grass flock, and Basil to simulate fallen leaves.

Finally, we have the Convict Gunslinger, nicknamed “Sloth” like the dude from Goonies. I basecoated him in Battlefield Brown. I am painting his pants Bright Orange like a prison jumpsuit. I’m using Dwarf Flesh washed with Brown Ink. He’s got green hair painted with Necrotite Green although it’s hard to see in the picture.

Convict Gunslinger

When I wasn’t painting, Megan and I played another game of Malifaux. It was an unorthodox game to say the least. She used the Viktorias, and I used a “crew” made totally of Convict Gunslingers. I know this isn’t a legal build, but it was a part of the game. We used a small “table” made of Dwarven Forge parts. The idea was that the Victoria crew was fighting their way out of a prison. The Convict Gunslingers were fighting to recapture them. We made Sloth the main Gunslinger and allowed him to use Soulstones like a Master. If Sloth fell, we decided that the other Convict Gunslingers would give up and scatter. If both Viktorias fell, then her crew would surrender.

The game went pretty well. In the end, the Viktorias won. I was down to Sloth and two other Gunslingers. She had lost Bishop, Johan, and one of her Viktorias (the one with a gun.) Taelor had one wound left, and the other Viktoria was down to two wounds. Thanks to a Red Joker coming up at exactly the right time for Megan, Sloth was smacked down by Taelor and a well placed Hammerstrike.

That’s all for now. Thanks for taking a look.

Keep Rollin’ Sixes! ♠


Megan and I took a little time out to play a game of Malifaux. She wanted to use the Viktorias and I used the Ortegas. We decided that we’d makes it that each crew was hunting the opposing Masters, as well as, trying to recover a Lost Artifact.

The game was very close. The Ortegas were able to do a lot of damage with their guns blazing, withering the Viktoria’s crew as they advanced. However, once Megan figured out that Taelor and Johan are monsters in combat with their special abilities, the tables turned a bit.

I thought I was getting the upper hand when I managed to kill off the Viktoria with sword/gun and Johan. However, I was not ready for Megan to get awesome flips while I pulled a bunch of low cards from my deck. Perdita got cornered on a platform by the remaining Viktoria, Taelor, and Bishop.

Bishop charged and missed with all of his attacks. Viktoria landed only one successful attack, but managed to do Moderate damage. The game ended with Taelor smashing Perdita with a Relic Hammer, and flinging her off of the plaform with a Trigger. Perdita was defeated.



I’ve been MIA for a bit.

Mainly because I ran out of things to post here, and wasn’t sure how many people were bothering to read it anyway. Honestly.

But I’ve been pretty busy but if I bust out my camera, I have plenty of things to post about now.

I’ve been playing at the LGS on Tuesdays using my Circle Orboros army. I’ve been using eKaya and practicing with her theme list. Although I’ve managed to play the Call of the Wild list well enough at 35 points, it’s much better at 50 and up. We are planning on doing a League using the Tier Lists after the Minions book is out. That should be fun to see everyone using the Tiers for League. However, my usual 35 point army for Tuesday nights is something like this: eKaya, Laris, Feral Warpwolf x2, Pureblood Warpwolf, Warpwolf Stalker, and a War Wolf.

I’ve also been playing some Malifaux from time to time with the local guys from G.O.D. using the Viktorias. The two Viktorias are pretty cool. They compliment each other well, and their ability to move around the board quickly is handy. I tend to move them up the flank quickly and try to get them into a building or on some high ground if possible … depending on what the game calls for that is. Bishop is a monster. He has won the game for me both times I played. Although he’s expensive pointwise, he does cool stuff and literally has a bag of tricks up his sleeve. Johan and Taelor are facebashers with their relic hammers, but I tend to get them killed fairly quickly. I have also been using a Convict Gunslinger with the crew, and I like the things that he can do with those pistols. I have played Malifaux twice so far, and won both times. Looking forward to playing some more and posting some pictures here for people to see.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m looking forward to watching WALKING DEAD tonight on AMC. I hope that everyone has a good rest of the weekend.