W.A.N.D. – A Division of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Wizardry Alchemy Necromancy Division

The Wizardry Alchemy Necromancy Department (W.A.N.D.) is a division within S.H.I.E.L.D. that specializes in dealing with matters relating to magic. Headed by Pandora Peters and Todd.





Cap v. Red Skull by Anthony Petrie


Though during the 1940s the existence of mutants was unknown to the public, a few individuals were aware of the coming of Homo Superior, and that they had the potential to replace baseline humans as the dominant species of Earth. Thus Weapon Plus was created to address the so-called mutant problem. What was ignored by everyone involved in Weapon Plus is that its mastermind, John Sublime, was actually the host body for a sentient bacteria present on every living creature on the planet, save for mutants, who were genetically immune to the Sublime infection.

Sublime (Marvel Comics)
Sublime (Marvel Comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sublime was the self-appointed name of a sentient bacterial lifeform that arose during the beginnings of life on Earth. With the rise of multicellular lifeforms, Sublime found endless numbers of hosts it could infect. However, mutantkind, immune to Sublime’s infection, eventually arose and multiplied, becoming the first threat to Sublime’s domination.

It was hinted that the very hatred and fear of mutants was caused by Sublime itself. But the bacteria took more direct actions in order to ensure that mutant population would be held in check, if not exterminated, in order to keep it from becoming the dominant species of the planet.

Wolverine, a.k.a. Weapon X (Weapon Ten)
Wolverine, a.k.a. Weapon X (Weapon Ten) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first step was the Weapon Plus Project, Sublime took over a human body, dubbed Dr. John Sublime, and became the director of the Program, overseeing the creation of living weapons created by each installation of the program, from Captain America, Nuke, Wolverine, and Deadpool, to the Sentinels.


For many years, Sublime remained behind the scenes, manipulating the Weapon Plus Project and installing Malcolm Colcord as the Director of Weapon X, which would eventually lead to the so-called War of the Programs between Colcord’s replacement, Agent Brent Jackson, and Sublime, as Weapon X became an independent organization.

Malcolm Colcord
Malcolm Colcord (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Weapon Plus includes the following Projects:

  • Project Rebirth: succeeds in creating Weapon Zero, but subject Clinton McIntyre was placed in suspended animation due to ill effects from the serum.
  • Project Rebirth: succeeds in creating Weapon I, known as Captain America.
  • The Weapon II project was focused entirely on animals. The outcomes of this project remain classified.
  • The Weapon III project ended with the creation of the Cold War Operative known as The Skinless Man.
  • The Weapons IV-V projects experimented on various ethnic groups and prisoners.
  • Project Homegrown focused on experiments with soldiers during the Vietnam War. The only successful result of this testing was a man known as Nuke, who is referred to as simply Weapon Six. However, the UK version of this Project called Black Budget was much more suvvessful, resulting in the creation of several Super Soldiers, namely: Dauntless, Gog, Dreadnaught, Revenge, Victory, Invincible, and Challenger.
  • Weapon VIII focused on the use of drugs and hypnosis to trigger assassins/sleeper agents. This may very well be the basis of the ongoing Secret Avengers storyline, but only time will tell.
  • Weapon IX dealt with the use of cybernetics, powered armors and battlesuits.
  • Weapon X was implemented as a covert government operation by the Canadian government Department K and funded by the U.S. Developed to turn willing and unwilling participants mostly mutants and humans into living weapons. This project resulted in the creation of several Super Soldiers, but is best known for creating the agent known as Wolverine.
  • Weapon XI: No individual with the ‘Weapon XI’ moniker has been seen, but John Sublime has mentioned it. A likely candidate for Weapon XI’s true identity is the Hound, a mutant with the power to hunt and kill other mutants.
  • Weapon XII  produced the Huntsman at the England-based facilities of The World. He was the first living weapon created employing artificial evolution and nanosentinel technology.
  • Weapon XIII: This project created Fantomex whose real name is Charlie Cluster 7, also at The World. However, Fantomex rebelled against his creators and was deemed a failure.
  • Weapon XIV was created in The World by John Sublime using ovaries stolen from Emma Frost to create clones designed to entrap the Phoenix Force in order to use its power to fuel their psychic abilities so they can wipe out all mutants on earth.
  • Weapon XV: This project produced Ultimaton, designed to be the Super-Sentinels’ grand powerhouse. Weapon XV was killed by Weapon X, Wolverine.
  • Weapon XVI: The most recent project of Weapon Plus is that called “Allgod.”  It is called a  “living religion”, a virus that attacks the faith reserves and makes them subservient to The World’s sentience.
Sentinel (comics)
Sentinel (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Operation: Rebirth, also called Project: Rebirth, is an US government project originally administered by the US Army to create a new line of Supersoldiers for its World War II effort. It was part of a larger operation known as Weapon Plus. It was headed up by Dr. Abraham Erskine.

Abraham Erskine was the scientist who first developed the Super-Soldier Serum, as well as the Vita-Rays designed to create an army of enhanced human beings whose physical defects and limitations would be eliminated for the USA World War II efforts.

His first efforts with the serum were deemed as failures. However, Erskine continued to refine the process.  After weeks of tests, Steve Rogers was at last administered the Super-Soldier Serum. Given part of the compound intravenously and another part orally, Rogers was then bombarded by vita-rays, a special combination of exotic wavelengths of radiation designed to accelerate and stabilize the serum’s effect on his body. Steve Rogers emerged from the vita-ray chamber with a perfect human body. A Nazi spy, who observed the experiment, murdered Dr. Erskine mere minutes after its conclusion. Dr. Erskine died without fully committing the Super-Soldier formula to paper, leaving Rogers the sole beneficiary of his genius.

With Erskine’s murder, Wilfred Nagel took over the American program. His attempt to recreate Erskine’s successful process did not succeed in mass production. Nagel’s early attempts to recreate Erskine’s successful chemical formula resulted in African-American super soldiers, most prominently Isaiah Bradley. Three hundred African-American soldiers were taken from Camp Cathcart and subjected to potentially fatal experiments at an undisclosed location in an attempt to recreate Erskine’s Rogers successful Super-Soldier Formula version. Only five men survived the original trials; hundreds of test subjects left behind at Camp Cathcart and the camp’s commander were executed by US soldiers in the name of secrecy, the families of the three hundred were told that they had died in battle.

Isaiah Bradley
Isaiah Bradley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although there were many later attempts to recreate or reverse-engineer Operation: Rebirth’s Super-Soldier Serum in detail, none are known to have been involved with Weapon Plus except for the attempt that resulted in the creation of Isaiah Bradley’s son Josiah X nor have been successful in replicating the missing Vita Ray part as with Steve Rogerswho was to have accurately recreated the chemical part of the successful sample. Weapon Plus considers Steven Rogers as its most successful creation.

A second Project Rebirth was endorsed by the US Military, using the tamed alien symbiote Venom with veteran Flash Thompson in order to create a new Super-Solider: Agent Venom. Flash became the new Venom when he was enlisted as a part of Project Rebirth. Flash was bonded with the symbiote, recently acquired by the U.S. government after Mac Gargan’s arrest after the Siege of Asgard. While bonded, Flash was able to reproduce his legs and had powers comparable to Spider-Man.

English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster.
English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Adolf Hitler, had many brushes with the esoteric during his career. He may have been manipulated by Heinrich Krowler and the Chapel of Dresden. Accounts vary, but at some point rogue geneticist Arnim Zola established a process by which a person could project their mind onto a cloned body. He presented this process to Adolf Hitler. Apparently in his new cloned body, Hitler established the haven for criminals called Erewhon in South America as well as staging a coup in the South American nation of San Gusto.

The Hate-Monger (also called “Nazi X”) first appeared in San Gusto in South America, and came to the attention of authorities when he took over with the use of storm troopers, hoping to upset the balance of power in South America. The Fantastic Four saw a hate rally in New York City and the Thing tried to wreck it, but the Fantastic Four were caught off guard by Hate-Monger’s weapon — the Hate-Ray — which instilled hate for others causing them to fight each other. As a result, the team disbanded and went their separate ways.

Nick Fury, at the time a CIA agent, then managed to trick Mister Fantastic into traveling to San Gusto with him to fight the Hate-Monger, knowing the other members would follow. The Hate-Monger saw the plane leaving and used a device that travelled underground by the use of flames that carved out tunnels to quickly get to South America. Fury and Reed fought off some of the rebels, and infiltrated the Hate-Monger’s headquarters after Reed found a device sending out beams and found the source of the disturbance. However, Reed was paralyzed with nerve gas and captured by the Hate-Monger, who revealed he had been bouncing his ray off the Moon, which had been causing abnormal effects on the tides.

Fury managed to cure Mister Fantastic after getting the cure for the ray and gas from the Hate-Monger at gunpoint, though the Hate-Monger stopped them capturing him by lowering bulletproof glass. Mister Fantastic then gave the antidote to the other members, and together they got to the base to help Nick Fury. In the final confrontation, the Hate-Monger was shot and killed by some of his own storm-troopers when an H-Ray beam struck some soldiers by mistake due to the Invisible Girl. When Mr. Fantastic removed the Hate-Monger’s mask, it was revealed that Hate-Monger was Adolf Hitler — who apparently survived World War II, though it is claimed it may be one of his doubles.

It was discovered later that the scientist Arnim Zola had perfected a means of transferring the mind to the body of a clone, thereby allowing Hitler to live on in the event of the death of his body. The Hate-Monger suffered a succession of defeats by Nick Fury, who wrecked the Hate-Monger’s attempt to blackmail the nations of Earth with the “hate-ray” from an orbiting space station. The Hate-Monger was killed again.