Eiryss 3

Another Eiryss? Awesome. As long as she’s on my side of the table.

TUTORIAL – Gatormen Posse Upgrade!

So like many Blindwater Congregation players I have 2 full units of the Gatormen Posse. I finished my 1st squad doing nothing special and decided I wanted to spruce up my 2nd unit so I started to search the interwebs. I stumbled onto these SKORNE Gatormen Posse and then it hit me. I just happened…


I was reading through the section of the Forces book detailing the Riflemen, and saw that their group is made up of disgruntled soldiers hailing from Long Gunners, Winter Guard, and the like. I started to look through my collection, eyeing up Trenchers and Long Gunners. I didn’t like what I saw in that area….


Magnus the Warlord has a nice little talk with Garryth, and tries to shot him in the face.


Asheth Magnus would like to take this moment to thank the widows and children of the many Steelheads who bravely gave their lives to achieve yet another victory for The Agenda. Sadly, the coin gained from the expedition is being diverted to the repair and maintenance of Magnus’s Warjacks, so the remaining funds were adequate only for meager…

Thor Steinhammer

maxxev from the Privateer Press forums posted a very nice article about Thor Steinhammer and what he can do. You should click over to the forums and check it out. Click here to see it. It gives a delicious break down of all the wonderful stuff that the flame-throwing toting Dwarf can do for you,…

Working on my Searforge

I haven’t played Mercenaries for quite awhile. After the MKII field test hit the interweb, I focused on Cygnar and that was it. When MKII hit the shelves, I kept on going with Cygnar. I determined to get a good feel for the faction and be comfortable playing them in a casual and competitive atmosphere….


I got some Steelhead Riflemen in my Press Gang Order. (Thanks, Jen!) They have been sitting on the Autopsy Table staring at me for like a week now. I couldn’t handle it any more. I had to put them together! So last night while we watched Sherlock Holmes, I started assembling the little buggers with…