Caine’s Battlegroup

The Cygnaran military is one of the most technologically advanced in the world as well as the largest army in the Iron Kingdoms.  In recent years it has been forced to be defensive; since the outbreak of war in 605 AR, simultaneous attacks on all its borders – from CryxKhador, the Protectorate and the Skorne, as well as a growing trollkin insurrection internally have drained Cygnar‘s war readiness.

Gun Mage Captain Adept – ready for the assassination run!
Sentinel #1 is ready for action.
Pew! Pew!
Gun Mages

MY MINIs: 2009

I am an avid fan of collection, painting, and using miniatures. I consider painting miniatures to be a Coping Skill for me because when I am stressed or overwhelmed the activity of painting allow me to focus on one thing while using my fine motor skills. This usually helps take my mind off of things, grounds me, and provides some satisfication.

Here are some of the miniatures I have shared previously on this blog in 2009. Enjoy.

The crews clash during a boarding effort!
The roof
Buy Victory Bonds!
The Church.
Ready for the BOOM!

‘More sedatives, he still has a pulse!’ (via Suggestion^n)

This is a great blog post about Malifaux. Enjoy.

'More sedatives, he still has a pulse!' Not many beyond Sebastian had seen McMourning's nurses. One might suspect that he, like his counterpart Seamus, surrounded himself by women he made beautiful. McMourning, however, took little notice of the women charged with the task of maintaining his creations. It was the nurses, themselves, desperate to preserve a beauty that had long since faded, that filled their own veins with the diluted formulas they used to preserve the flesh of McMourni … Read More

via Suggestion^n

Malifaux Miniatures


Well, I got a little painting done. I am working on a big batch of my Malifaux miniatures, both the Viktorias and the Ortegas. I have been trying to use colors that I normally don’t use with my WARMACHINE and HORDES stuff. So it’s been fun to break out purples, oranges, and other bright colors. The combination of P3, GW, I-Kore, and Vallejo paint is working fine to add some variations in color. My I-Kore paint is almost 11 years old, and holding out well. Can’t say the same for a lot of the GW paint pots. For now, it’s only really worth showing the Viktorias because they are the ones closest to being finished. And I’ll throw in the Convict Gunslinger, too. Let me know what you think.

Viktoria (Paired Weapons)
Viktoria (Paired Weapons)

 This Viktoria with her Paired Weapons is pretty cool. She’s a monster in combat, and her Trigger of Whirlwind is rough. I’ll need to get her a totem and a few Ronin in the future. I painted her with purple hair just for fun, and used turquoise on the blades of her swords. She’s mostly done, but needs a little touch up paint here and there on the details.

Taelor (wip)

Taelor is tough to beat. She’s a tank, and can suck up a lot of damage with her special abilities. Her hammer gives her a three inch melee range, so she can take out enemies from afar without needing a gun. I really like her pose, pointing a finger at her next victim. With Taelor, who needs Thor? She’s close to being done. Needs basing of course, and some detail touch up.

The Crew
The Rest of the Crew

These guys still need some work. Viktoria is going to have a magenta overcoat, but otherwise will be painted a lot like the other Viktoria. Bishop has bright Arcane Blue hair highlighted with Hawk Turquoise. I also used Thrall Flesh to give him an unhealthy sheen to his skin. And Johan has a bright green cape, and light blue pants. I have to finish their bases as well, but will probably just go with a simple flocking of my “forest mix” that uses Woodland Scenic Burnt Grass flock, and Basil to simulate fallen leaves.

Finally, we have the Convict Gunslinger, nicknamed “Sloth” like the dude from Goonies. I basecoated him in Battlefield Brown. I am painting his pants Bright Orange like a prison jumpsuit. I’m using Dwarf Flesh washed with Brown Ink. He’s got green hair painted with Necrotite Green although it’s hard to see in the picture.

Convict Gunslinger

When I wasn’t painting, Megan and I played another game of Malifaux. It was an unorthodox game to say the least. She used the Viktorias, and I used a “crew” made totally of Convict Gunslingers. I know this isn’t a legal build, but it was a part of the game. We used a small “table” made of Dwarven Forge parts. The idea was that the Victoria crew was fighting their way out of a prison. The Convict Gunslingers were fighting to recapture them. We made Sloth the main Gunslinger and allowed him to use Soulstones like a Master. If Sloth fell, we decided that the other Convict Gunslingers would give up and scatter. If both Viktorias fell, then her crew would surrender.

The game went pretty well. In the end, the Viktorias won. I was down to Sloth and two other Gunslingers. She had lost Bishop, Johan, and one of her Viktorias (the one with a gun.) Taelor had one wound left, and the other Viktoria was down to two wounds. Thanks to a Red Joker coming up at exactly the right time for Megan, Sloth was smacked down by Taelor and a well placed Hammerstrike.

That’s all for now. Thanks for taking a look.

Keep Rollin’ Sixes! ♠


My Urban Combat Table is a small 2×2 table that is perfect for quick and deadly games of WARMACHINE. I have a small supply of O Scale model railroad buildings, Games Workshop City of Death buildings, and Department 56 buildings that I use for the structures on the table.I also have one or two scratch built buildings that I throw into the mix from time to time.

Here is an example of a very simply and open set up from a game we played way back in 2006:

And here are a few action shots from the game. We were playing a simple scenario where the buildings had to be cleared by the attacker. The defender attempted to defend the buildings. To clear a building, the attacker had to get an unengaged small based model to the door of the building for one turn.

The attacker was searching for the town’s Lord Mayor in order to capture him. The defender was trying to stop this from happening.

The game was a lot of fun. We placed six buildings on the table. Each time a building was searched, we rolled a d6 hoping for a 6. If the 6 came up, the Mayor was found in that building. If not, the building was empty. A roll of a 1 meant there was a sniper in the building which had to be dealt with … we used stats for a typical Widowmaker model.

As you can imagine, terrain played a big part of this game.

  • Open terrain in urban fighting would include any section of smooth, even ground. Examples of this type of terrain would be uncluttered streets, flat rooftops, and suspended walkways.
  • Rough terrain in cityscape environment would be sections of rubble, ruins, waterways, vats, sewers, and rooftops with mazes of pipes.
  • Impassable terrain in a cityfight includes cliff faces, some structures, and other natural or man-made features that completely prohibt movement.
Although there is no hard, solid facts on what is “large” or “small” terrain in a game of WARMACHINE, there are guidelines for League games that provide sizes and shapes for certain kinds of terrain. The only key is that all players agree on the terrain to be used, and that the terrain isn’t designed to purposely aid or penalize a certain player.

That’s all for now. I’ll post some more pictures of the Urban Combat Table later.

Keep Rollin’ Sixes.



Lord Commander Stryker
* Ol’ Rowdy
* Thorn
Journeyman Warcaster
Storm smith
Storm Lances (4)
Storm blades + UA
The Piper
Eiryss, Ios Mage Hunter

This list is yet to be tested. What do you think?