Whitchthorn was the ruler of all the Fey living in Kryptgarden. When he was a prince, he lived with his spouse, the dryad Ishaldra, who balanced his evil inclination with her good nature.

The Green Dragon Mask is recovered from the lair of Claugiyliamatar in Kryptgarden Forest. Old Gnawbones himself is injured while blows were struck against Thay, the Cult of the Dragon, and Zartruss hobgoblin clan.

Claugiyliamatar near the realm of Whitchthorn, an Unseelie Lord. His presence corrupts Ishaldra, the dryad spouse of Whitchthorn and Ishaldra’s treant bodyguard. Whitchthorn, an archfey and now fey king, unleashes his evil against the dragon, but Old Gnawbones is too powerful.

Ultimately, an adventuring party of Harpers hired to defeat Claugiyliamatar gains an audience with the fey king and Whitchthorn agrees to aid them to defeat Old Gnawbones, but only if the adventurers make a pact with him.



Born in Calimshan of a fairly wealthy family, Khemed offended his father and was cast out of his home. He continued to practice in the arts of war and worked as a mercenary, turning to banditry when times were rough. He has gathered a group of younger mercenaries about himself and hires his team out as “the Blades of Bhaelros.”

Khemed is a faithful worshipper of Talos and has contacts with clerics of Talos in most major cities across western and southern Faerûn. When he expects to stay in a city for a while, he rents an unfurnished home or small warehouse for himself and his team, but otherwise lives on the road in tents.

Khemed is of average height but very broad, sporting large tattoos of fire and symbols of Talos on his arms and chest. He enjoys using his spiked chain to disarm foes and employ attacks of opportunity against them when they try to reclaim their weapons. Against a superior foe, he fights defensively and has his employees set up flanking and give him opportunity attacks.

Khemed is likely to be encountered working as a mercenary, protecting people of interest or valuable shipments, regardless of the nature of their employer or goods. If not employed, his team might be acting as bandits on roads or outside of known dungeons.

Khemed may be cut off from his family’s fortune, but this human fighter intends to amass his own. A mercenary leader devoted to Bhaelros, Khemed and his Blades are efficient fighters you should keep your eyes on — best accomplished by never showing him your back.

Cala Graycastle



According to Realms Lore, Cala was born and raised in Damara, a harsh, wintry place hundreds of miles from the civilized lands in the west of Faerûn or the fortified halfling homeland of Luiren in the south. Cala’s parents fell in with the evil forces of the Witch-King Zhengyi when it became apparent to them that he would conquer Damara. Still young and impressionable at the time, Cala saw how quickly her parents capitulated in the face of great evil and realized that evil was a road to power. Although she was not yet an adult when the Witch-King was destroyed, Cala chose the path of darkness and embraced the evil in her own heart. Feeling contempt for the weak humans of country, she learned the most effective ways to kill them.

Cala works as a mercenary guide and a guard for caravans in rugged or cold places. Sometimes she sneaks away from camp to kill human members of her group with arrows, or plants false trails ahead to help lure her “friends” into dangerous situations. She may be encountered outside of Damara, Vaasa, and Impiltur in pursuit of a magic item (she would particularly like to get her feet into some boots of elvenkind) or an old vendetta, or even to escape someone who discovered her habit of killing her traveling companions. Cala trusts only herself, but she puts on a friendly face when dealing with strangers. Only with other halflings (and particularly lightfoot halflings, at that) is she truly friendly.



A  “seer” is a person who is supposed to be able, through supernatural insight, to see what the future holds. Such is the case with the young man called Alaundo. He left home at an early age and became a hermit living within The Dales. History says that he was a tortured soul, wise beyond his years. His prophecies were recorded in private over the next seventy-five years. He scribbled his visions in nine different tomes which were essentially his only true possessions during that time of his life.

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Uni is a young unicorn who the heroes meet when she is fleeing from an angered Tiamat. Afterwards she befriends the heroes with Bobby adopting her as a pet. She communicates by bleating words but the phrases are often repeating what somebody has just suggested as means of affirmation. She even mutters an incantation while gripping Presto’s hat in her mouth during  P.R.E.S.T.O. Spells Disaster and manages to conjure a flying carpet.
Uni belongs to a herd of unicorns that live in a valley concealed behind a waterfall, and on meeting the leader called Silvermane she learns how to teleport by copying him where it is revealed that a unicorn’s horn lets unicorns teleport once per day. Like other unicorns, if she loses her horn she becomes grey, enfeebled and unable to teleport. However, despite learning this Uni only teleports in one other episode and only when prompted by Bobby. After discovering the unicorn herd Uni chooses to continue with the heroes instead of remaining in the valley.
In the Quest Of The Skeleton Warrior Uni casts no reflection in one of the magical mirrors that reflect the viewer’s fear. This could imply she has no deep-rooted fear to exploit or that being a unicorn she is not eligible to become a Celestial Knight so the mirror ignores her presence, reflecting nothing instead.
In the Maze Of Darkness she is unaffected by one of the hypnotic light traps that make people attack each other.
She likes carrots and baked potatoes, as shown in The Hall Of Bones and The Dungeon At The Heart Of Dawn respectively but Eric confirms that her main diet is grass at the end of Treasure Of Tardos.