The entire galaxy is NOW under the rule of the tyrannical Galactic Empire. The only remaining resistance is a small Rebel Alliance that dares to challenge their military supremacy.

The impending creation of the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, threatens to crush the Rebellion. Once operational, the Empire will have the power to destroy an entire planet.

Threatening to turn the tide of this struggle is a known fugitive, who deals in military secrets. The Emperor has tasked his apprentice, DARTH VADER, with tracking down and eliminating this Rebel agent….



The characters are members of an Imperial Black Operations force called TASK FORCE 77. They have been selected by Darth Vader to hunt down and capture the Pirate calling himself Quist. They have 26 standard hours to successful apprehend the fugitive and return him to agents of the Empire. Failure will be rewarded with death.

In this scene,  Sandor Visla and KI-11 search the YT-1300 freighter that the Rebels were planning to use as a “Get Away Ship.”


Danuta was a dull, barren brown planet in Senatorial Sector Three, thinly populated mostly by miners and hardscrabble farmers. Trid was the planet’s de facto capital. The primary population was the Hutts during the last days of the Old Republic, but later the Galactic Empire converted it to a client of the Brodsport Mining Corporation. Danuta was not notable, aside from its function as a stopover on one of the many hyperspace routes leading to Kessel. However, the city of Trid did have a B’omarr Order Temple. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, the Imperial garrison on the outskirts of Trid was expanded into a full military installment, home to a sprawling yet secret research facility visited by the Imperial Security Bureau.



KI-11 scanned the freighter with its sensor array, confirming that there was one humanoid-sized life form on the ship.

The assassin droid entered through the top service hatch. Sandor picked up some scrap laying next to the ship and tossed it up the ramp into the interior. Right away, the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter heard a “WHOOP WHOOP” sound typical of service droids.

Stepping up the ramp, Sandor was faced with an astromech. The little droid made the “WHOOP WHOOP” sound again and started to roll away. A well placed blast knocked the droid on its side, and Sandor deactivated it with a few switch flips. He didn’t want the droid making a bunch of racket.

It wasn’t long until KI-11 walked into view, confirming that the ship was seemingly unoccupied. Apparently, their prey was clever and hiding somewhere within the ship’s stash spomandalorianred2ts.

It wasn’t long before they heard a clunking sound come from below them. Sandor ordered the person out of hiding with a raspy, “Come on out, rebel scum!”

KI-11 accessed a nearby computer terminal, convincing the ship’s droid brain that it was time for some maintenance protocols. Within moments, the ship was venting poisonous gas into its interior.

ig88assassindroidki11“Good afternoon,” said KI-11 in a cheerful voice. “I have started maintenance protocols on this ship. The interior will soon be filled with gas that are life threatening to organic lifeforms. Symptoms of mild acute poisoning include lightheadedness, confusion, headache, vertigo, and flu-like effects; larger exposures can lead to significant toxicity of the central nervous system and heart, and death. This unit suggests immediate compliance with demands to avoid further action from this unit “

Sandor glanced over at his partner, and then jabbed a switch that would filter out toxins within the air.

The two watched as their prey sprung out at them from his hiding place … well, not exactly. What the man intended to do was spring out of hiding and take the two villains by surprise. However, that is not at all what occurred.

The two watched as the smuggling hatch on the floor popped open and a man thrust his blaster out at them … and then the hatch fell back on top of him violently, smashing his fingers and causing him to drop his blaster … begin screaming in pain.

KI-11 stepped forward, grabbed the man’s wrist and pulled in out of the storage area. Dragging the man across the floor, they could both see that he was of medium build and wearing the uniform of Imperial Security Bureau (ISB.)

It didn’t take long for the two of them to interrogate the man and discover that he was an impostor named Tallon Heff. He claimed to be a mercenary pilot hired by the rebels to fly them to Kwenn Space Station. However, it slowly was revealed that Heff was actually a two-bit criminal in the employ of one of the local Hutt gangsters called Roark.

Six months ago, Heff was picked up by an Imperial Sweep. Heff traded his relationship with Roark for his life. He made a deal with Imperial Lieutenant Voors of the Star Destroyer Relentless. Now he was a spy for the Imperials.

KI-11 contacted Relentless using command codes provided by the spy. Although Voors did not reply, his superior did – Captain Parlan – who simple stated: “He has been compromised. Kill the scum!”


KI-11 carried out the summary execution immediately.

Going through the crates, they found some interesting gear along with a  six foot long pod with a cryogenically frozen man inside. KI-11 was able to use Imperial files to identify the man as a missing ISB agent named  Barezz. All of the crates markings match those stolen from an ISB station six months ago.

Sandor found the assistance of the assassin droid to be very useful. Not only was the droid a walking murder machine but it also has the ability to hack computer systems, transmit messages, and retrieve data and intelligence.

KI-11 was able to reprogram the astromech. It was able to determine that the little droid’s name was R2-D0 and it’s purpose was to act as the primary pilot of the Yt-1300. Further digging within the astromech’s brain revealed that it both it and the ship was owned by their prey, Quist. The droid’s last programming of the ship was to go to a location on Danuta reffered to only as “Mesa 291.”

Sondar nodded at the Assassin Droid. “Looks like we’re going to Mesa 291.”







A white-yellow wasteland stretches from horizon to horizon. The tremendous heat of two huge twin suns settle on two figures, Biv Bodhrik and  Saska Teft, both agents working for the Rebellion. They stand near the remains of a crashed shuttle. Smoking still billows out of the wreckage.



tumblr_animatedstarwarslogoPolis Massa was technically a loyal part of the Galactic Republic and friendly to the Jedi. Far from any major hyperlane, the remote settlement served as an emergency sanctuary for the Jedi after Order 66, during the rise of the Empire and Palpatine’s Great Jedi Purge. The colony also housed the medical facilities in which Padmé Amidala gave birth to the twins Luke and Leia, and subsequently died because she lost the will to live. It was here that Bail Organa chose to adopt Leia into his family. When Yoda arrived with Bail, he was visited by the specter of Qui-Gon Jinn who offered to tutor Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as Yoda himself, in the art of surviving one’s death with the consciousness still intact. Shortly after Padmé’s funeral on Naboo, Yoda returned to Polis Massa to retrieve a Kallidahin escape pod, to make his exile to Dagobah.



ArkanianStunBatonThe Stun Baton is a handheld stunning melee weapon used by law enforcement, military and slavers. It had a power pack in the handle, which was used to activate the high-density cells that produced a stunning charge, making the weapon a little unwieldy. It required the user to physically touch or strike the target in order to immobilize them effectively. It is dated to be used back during the Jedi Civil War.

The baton had a setting switch so the user could set the exact severity of the shock. Though marketed as a humane crowd control weapon, a stun baton at full charge could kill. A weight inside the club could slide to one end or the other to alter the amount of physical damage inflicted with each swing. The rechargeable power cell lasted for three hours of continuous use.



The term droid tank or tank droid referred to any type of tank that operated without the assistance of a live crew. Much like droid starfighters, they were operated through the use of a droid brain; these could either be independently-controlled or governed by remote interface with a tactical computer; in this way they were much like ordinary battle droids and their starfighter counterparts. Tank droids were utilized throughout the history of the galaxy, from the Old Sith Wars to the Yuuzhan Vong War.

markivTankDroidStarWarsThe Tank Droid Mark IV was a class of huge, bipedal and self-propelled droid tank. It was heavily armed, carrying a rocket launcher, blaster cannons, a grenade launcher and a flamethrower within its blocky chassis. They were primarily used for facility defense against intruders, overwhelming them with firepower.



From the beginning, Operation Skyhook was a thorn in the side of Darth Vader. The Emperor had assigned Vader to personally oversee the elimination of all Rebel agents involved in Skyhook. Vader came close many times, however the Rebel agents kept slipping through his fingers. Vader’s failure in this task would ultimately lead to what some call his downfall, and others name his redemption.

The idea for the Death Star began when the Confederacy of Independent Systems designed the Ultimate Weapon, using plans and concepts provided by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. Poggle the Lesser possessed the original plans, which he handed to Dooku during the First Battle of Geonosis. Dooku delivered the plans directly to Palpatine.

deathstarplans Once the Clone Wars were over, Palpatine shaped this idea for his own purposes. The information in the plans were developed into blueprints which were used as a basis for construction of the station, and, after the Death Star’s completion, the plans became a prime target for the Rebellion, whose members hoped to find and exploit a weakness in the superweapon. In large part because of this, the Empire split up the plans and sent it to various places of the galaxy to prevent enemy hands from acquiring it.

This ended up being a mistake.


The top-secret Imperial weapons project headed by Wilhuff Tarkin was hinted at by several high officials, including Tarkin himself, but its true nature remained unknown for some time. The first vital piece of information about the Death Star was obtained during the mission to Darkknell, which took place shortly before the signing of the Corellian Treaty in 2 BBY, during which Darth Vader captured the Rebel Leaders Bail Organa, Mon Mothma and Garm Bel Iblis and send them to the unfinished Death Star for execution.

There Emperor Palpatine revealed them the name and the purpose of the battle station before executing them, but the Rebel leaders were saved by Galen Marek, who sacrificed himself to allow them escape. As the construction of the Death Star drew closer to completion, Mon Mothma and Bail Organa knew that Rebels needed to obtain a complete technical readout of the Death Star. If their engineers could pinpoint a weakness in the battlestation, then the Rebels might be able to destroy it.


The Alliance set into motion the biggest anti-Imperial offensive it had ever attempted: a complex, coordinated operation to compile a complete set of plans for the Death Star and transmit it to the Tantive IV.

Operation Skyhook had been born.

And Vader had been its midwife by bringing the three major Rebel leaders together in a situation that forged the Alliance.

Now that the Rebels knew about the Death Star, the Emperor tasked his Enforcer and apprentice, Dark Vader with hunting down the Rebels and killing them. The Death Star could not be compromised and the plans needed to be protected.

For two years, Vader became obsessed with hunting down the Rebels involved in Operation Skyhook. Vader cut a bloody swath throughout the galaxy hunting down Bail Prestor Organa, Mon Mothma and Garm Bel Iblis. The 501st were his personal guard, tasked only with this one mission: save the Death Star.

Vader swore to his Master that the plans would be recovered.

The first success of Operation Skyhook was thanks to a smuggler named Han Solo. Captain Raymus Antilles secured the assistance of Han Solo’s smuggling skills. Solo, originally extremely reluctant to involve himself in Rebel affairs, was forced to comply after Antilles made assisting him the condition for rescuing him from Imperial custody over the surface of Corellia.


Solo undertook a mission to infiltrate the Imperial shipping facilities in the Vergesso Asteroids, planting a tracking device and EMP emitter in a cargo container bound for an Imperial research station in Corulag. The EMP successfully disabled the station’s defenses long enough for Rebel search teams to raid the station. The data they acquired “confirmed” the existence of the Death Star and gave the Rebels an idea of the scale of its destructive capabilities, but failed to provide any technical information with which a weakness could be identified. However, it did lead to the Rebels discovering that the Death Star was being constantly moved to different locations to avoid its discovery. This revealed that a convoy containing the Death Star plans was en route to Tarawa from Tarkin’s headquarters on Eriadu.

Another set of plans was stolen during an uprising at the Death Star itself. Nine prisoners, one of whom was a Jedi, broke out of Detention Block 2180 and created a diversion long enough for plans to be transmitted to a rebel base on Polis Massa.

This uprising was an embarrassment for Vader. He was scorned by the Emperor, and ordered to personally oversee the mission to stop the Rebellion. The 501st was removed from their post at the Death Star and began following Vader throughout the galaxy as his personal death squad. Vader became obsessed with stopping Operation Skyhook.

Vader became aware of another set of plans that were being smuggled to Danuta. He attempted to end this threat by sending agents to Danuta but the mission failed. The plans still ended up being transmitted to Rebel forces by Kyle Katarn, an Imperial defector.

At the same time, several Imperial Communication Satellites were stolen and smuggled to Cron Drift and the secret Rebel outpost called AX-235. These satellites were used to intercept the schematics for the Death Star from transmissions sent by Rebel spies. Biggs Darklighter couriered the schematics to the Mon Calamari Cruiser called Independence. From there, the schematics were transferred to Tantive IV.


With the success of all of the missions to recover the Death Star plans, the Rebels now had a list of potential flaws, blueprints of the superlaser system, and schematics that could be translated into a full technical readout of the battlestation.

Vader had sworn to recapture the plans for the Death Star but at every turn the Rebels slipped through his fingers. He had been responsible for bringing the Rebel leaders together, and essentially forged the Rebellion by accident. Vader had always been one step behind the Rebels. He had cut a bloody path through the galaxy and finally had the plans in his sights.


The plans had been transferred to a starship called Tantive IV. Vader  decided to engage firsthand. He had information that Bail Organa’s daughter, Leia, was aboard the starship and in possession of the plans.

Leia Organa intended to deliver the Death Star plans to  the Star Cruiser Liberty, but the sudden appearance of the Star Destoryer Devastator forced her to take a different route: Tatooine.


As Vader led a boarding party of the 501st against the Tantive IV, Leia decided to try to deliver the plans into the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi so that they could be taken to her father, Bail, on Alderaan.

With the captured plans loaded into the astromech called R2-D2, the Rebels now had a New Hope of defeating the Empire.

Vader would continue to pursue the Rebels to reclaim the plans for his Master. He would ultimately fail, becoming distracted by the reappearance of Obi-Wan and the emergence of Luke Skywalker.

Vader, in the end, would be defeated. Some see his defeat as redemption. Others just see the inevitable outcome of a man obsessed, promising to accomplish too much.



Glitterstim was the name of a potent variety of the drug family “spice” that was mined on Kessel. It gave the user a brief, yet pleasurable telepathic boost and heightened mental state. It was a very valuable kind of spice, and tightly controlled by the Galactic Empire.


It was produced from the webs of spice spiders. The spice was photoactive, so it had to be mined in total darkness or else it would be ruined. After it was mined, it had to be packaged in an opaque paper to prevent accidental activation.

Glitterstim spice was quite addictive—casual use could quickly lead to full-blown addiction. “Cutters” were used to prepare the spice for sale. Glitterstim addicts were sometimes called “Glit-biters.”


Glitterstim is sealed into slim light-resistant cylinders. To activate the spice, one pulls back the opaque outer wrapper, exposing the inert glassy fibers of the spice to the light. As the spice reacts to the light, scintillating and glowing from within, it ripens. When the transparent fibers glow a pearlescent blue, they are ready to consume. The consumer takes the spice orally, which dissolves in his or her mouth with a crackling and faint show of tiny sparks.

Use of the drug conveys an experience that expands the mind of the user, causing him or her to tap into the Force for a short time. The user can read the surface thoughts of those nearby.




The characters are members of an Imperial Black Operations force called TASK FORCE 77. They have been selected by Darth Vader to hunt down and capture the Pirate calling himself Quist. They have 26 standard hours to successful apprehend the fugitive and return him to agents of the Empire. Failure will be rewarded with death.

In this scene, Task Force 77 lands in Docking Bay 12-4 in the middle of a shootout between Rebels and Stormtroopers.

They discover an Alliance smuggling ship, and a clue stored with a datapad. Continue reading “SCENE TWO: TRID SPACEPORT”




The characters are members of an Imperial Black Operations force called TASK FORCE 77. They have been selected by Darth Vader to hunt down and capture the Pirate calling himself Quist. They have 26 standard hours to successful apprehend the fugitive and return him to agents of the Empire. Failure will be rewarded with death.

In this scene, Task Force 77 arrives in Sector Three and prepares for landing in Trid Spaceport on the planet Danuta. They experience trouble within and without that makes their arrival somewhat difficult.