Jim and John Bailey grew up mowing down evil orcs in Dungeon & Dragons and Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but something was missing from all those years of imaginative tabletop combat. A void only zombie soldiers and armored troopers could fill.

Enter Incursion, a two-player warfare/horror board game that turns traditional World War II combat into a tense monster mash of mechanized Allies and supernatural Axis.

“You get to blow up a lot of zombies if you’re the good guys or take down these guys in big hulking suits if you’re the bad guys,” Jim says.


Looking for an atmospheric Victorian Steam Punk game? Set in the dank, smog filled streets of Victorian London, Empire of the Dead is a new skirmish game inspired by gothic horror literature, from Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein to tales of The Wolf Man, Jack the Ripper and even Sherlocke Holmes.

Skirmishing through the rain slick cobblestone backstreets of the city, bands of gentlemen heroes pit their wits against vampires, werewolves, zombies and the church to obtain an illusive mineral called Infernium – a fuel which drives the revolution of industry.

The only question if whether you will command the creatures that lurk in the shadows or crusade to cleanse them with the light of flaming torches, science and gunfire?

Vist West Wind Productions to learn more about the Empire of the Dead game. Also, download their Quick Start rules for free!