Terrain shouldn’t be boring. One way to add a tiny bit of realism to your forest templates is to add a simple path, showing a footprint from living … or maybe unliving … beings having passed through before. Regardless of whether you’re making a forest template, flocking a hill, or finishing off your new gaming…


I took some time to do one of my favorite things … painting structures! The one is the Plasticville Diner.


Waste not, want not. The foam tray from your chicken nuggets or meat of choice might make a good trash bag stuffer for you. But it’s a cheap and effective hill for miniature wargaming for me. It’s just the right size for a decent hill, already sloped for reasonable movement of models on and off…


Learning to make good Groundwork templates is an essential skill in terrain making and building. Begin your project with easy to find materials. I will be using thin plywood, Titebond white glue, green putty, vinyl spackling, and basing supplies (sand, flock, static grass, talus.) These templates can be used as generic groundwork templates in your games…


Ideas for scenery: movie theater