O … is for … OTHELSTAN #atozchallenge

Othelstan worshiped Tiamat through the Cult of the Dragon and controlled the village of Parnast nestled in the Greypeak Mountains. His duty was to monitor all visitors and merchandise passing through the village. He collected any magical items that were passing through the village and its surrounding area to be passed on to the Cult. From time to time, Skyreach Castle would pass through the area and collect whatever magical items had been captured. Othelstan kept wyverns on hand for the purpose of flying to and from the floating castle.

Othelstan was defeated when a group of adventurers came to Parnast and liberated the village from the clutches of the Dragon Cult.



N … is for … Neronvain


Neronvain is an exiled Moon Elf prince who wants revenge on his kin. He’s less of a true believer than the others, but he’s sure that the Cult of the Dragon will succeed in establishing a dragon civilization in the Far East land of Kara-Tur. He wants his birthright, and is willing to help the Cult so he can realize his dream.

Neronvain used to hunt green dragons. In one particular hunt, he was the last elf standing when they cornered a green dragon, and an almost mystical connection was made between the two creatures. When Neronvain was exiled and hunted by his people, he experienced the same emotions as the dragon, and this profoundly affected his future dealings with dragons. Like a dragon, Neronvain is arrogant and selfish.

L … is for … Langdedrosa Cyanwrath #atozchallenge

Langdedrosa Cyanwrath was a blue half-dragon who stood seven feet tall. He was a Warlord for the Cult of the Dragon. He was responsible for leading the devastating attack on the village of Greenest in 1489.

Several members of the group now know as the Neverwinter Nine infiltrated a war council meeting led by Langdedrosa. This allowed them to gain some information about what the Cult of the Dragon was doing to ultimately bring their Dark Queen into the Prime Plane. In the process, Langdedrosa noticed Fo, mistaking him for one of Fo’s many brothers. Langdedrosa commented that Fo’s borther, named Fu, had done an excellent job during the Cult’s raid on the village of Greenest.

Harper spies believe that the Warlord still lives and is actively serving Tiamat in the Far East realm of Kara-Tur.



The Draakhorn was a gift from Tiamat in the war between dragons and giants. It was once the horn of her
ancient red dragon consort, Ephelomon, that she gave to dragonkind to help them in their war against the giants.

The Draakhorn is a signaling device, and it is so large that it requires at least two Humans to hold it while a third  sounds it, making the earth resonate to its call. The horn has been blasted with fire into a dark ebony hue and is wrapped in bands of bronze with draconic runes that glow with purple eldritch fire. It is a work of masterful art and truely beautiful to behold.

The low, moaning drone of the Draakhorn discomforts normal animals within a few miles, and it alerts all
dragons within two thousand miles to rise and be wary, for great danger is at hand. Coded blasts were once
used to signal specific messages. Knowledge of those codes has been lost to the ages.

Those with knowledge of the Draakhorn’s history
know that it was first built to signal danger to chromatic dragons—a purpose the Cult of the Dragon has
corrupted to call chromatic dragons to the Well of Dragons from across the North.




Our heroes have been sent into the enemy stronghold of Skyreach Castle with orders to bring it down. The Castle is a floating iceberg acting as a barge to transport a huge collection of treasure to the Well of Dragons. Sabotaging the Castle will deny the Cult of resources and help to subvert the Cult’s plan to release Tiamat from the Nine Hells.