Nazi Zombie Officer

Nazi Zombie Officer
Nazi Zombie Officer

INCURSION is set in the world of Secrets of the Third Reich and is the ultimate combination of board game and miniatures game. Armored troopers of the US “Lucky Seventh” and stalwart commandos of the United Kingdom’s MI-13 hurtle through underground bunkers and combat the monstrous forces of the German SWD in a furious race against time. The Doomsday Device is ticking and neither the Allies nor the Axis can fail. This two player game features a tight story line campaign that culminates in an epic and desperate climax. The game mechanics are simple to grasp allowing players to instantly focus on their tactical options. Game play is incredibly fast-paced and tense and players choose their forces through a card-based Requisition Point system. The game is played on a board with a special card deck and highly detailed 30 mm metal miniatures. You can also use the miniatures in games of Secrets of the Third Reich. Rules can be found for them here.

In 1946, after stunning German victories on both fronts largely attributed to Vergeltungswaffe 4, a compound that kills painfully and resurrects corpses as dangerous animate objects, Franco joined the Axis. Spanish forces backed by Brandenburger commandos and Fallschirmjager Drop Armor assaulted the British held rock of Gibraltar. Germany claimed the ancient fort with its network of caves and aggressively expanded it into a vast underground research, command, and control center, plumbing the depths of the Rock. In 1949, allied forces mount a massive offensive to retake it. The campaign is bloody and hard-fought but ultimately successful. German and Spanish personnel escape by U-boat from underwater chambers. US and British forces enter the German compound only to be beaten back by the horrors that lurk within the vast twisted labyrinth under Gibraltar. Many commanders feel that the only recourse is to seal the caves from the surface, so that is done. Unfortunately it is impossible to determine the lo cation of all the undersea tunnels. Zombie naval mines damage or destroy numerous smaller vessels and sink the aircraft carrier Lexington as they sally forth from these undersea caves. MI-13 stumbles onto communiqués detailing German SWD plans for a diabolical Doomsday Device under Gibraltar. Given the effectiveness of previous SWD attacks, the credibility of these reports cannot be ignored. The decision is made to clear the caves. MI-13 Commandos and elements of the US Lucky Seventh invade the stronghold in a desperate race to shut down the Doomsday Device before it can be deployed.





Dead Meat is an action-packed tabletop skirmish game, where human factions compete in the ruined wasteland of the zombie apocalypse.

Check out the Kickstarter here. Ends soon.






John Roberts offers us tactical solutions for Zombie Management on the Incursion Store Blog.

From the blog:

“Hi folks! First in a series of articles that we’d like to write for the one or two new players that we anticipate bringing on board. That means fresh meat for all of you OG Incursion fans. Now, the ethical thing to do would be to point them in the direction of these articles and then play against them, but I know you: you’re going to crush a n00b. And that’s fine, I accept and love you for who you are but no more than two games! I understand that you have to pad your W column but three times is excessive.”



FALL 2013


Studio Miniatures Multi-part Zombie Miniatures


Studio Miniatures created a batch of 28mm multi-part plastic zombies within a Indiegogo Campaign, and I jumped in for the Loner Roamer which gave me 40 plastic minis on sprues, additional heads on sprue, and some cheeky character miniatures for fun. Do you recognize this bloke? He’s got red on him…


This first set of plastic multi-part 28mm zombies consists of 4 different bodies, 6 different sets of arms and 8 different heads ALL male. Each set of arms were designed to fit every body not only in positions but in clothing too. All 8 heads compliment each body/arm combination.

When I get some of these minis put together, I will post updates.