Zombie Preparedness: A Hardware Campaign


Kelsey Seeger

Many times, I have sat down, taken note of my surroundings, gauged my allies/zombie competition and sketched out a zombie apocalypse plan. Little did I know that all of my plans were shortsighted. For while I had exit routes, munitions and allies all planned out, I had forgotten the daily grind of a zombie apocalypse. Besides the obvious food supply issue, how was I planning on maintaining my siege headquarters? If I was going to clone our zombie champion, did I have the tools?  When it comes to constructing those zombie traps, should I consult a contractor first? Just because you are on the run or under siege there is no excuse for poor craftsmanship.

Luckily Westlake Ace Hardware noted this need and has lovingly advertised their products and services. And unlike those other hardware stores, Westlake proudly proclaims its zombie defense skills for all to read.

Can’t you just…

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