Sondar anmandalorianredd KI-11 had discovered a lot of information on the deck of the yt-1300 stock light freighter. They found out it was owned by their target, Quist, and that the ship was usually docked at the Kwenn Space Station. The astromech (Rs-D0) belongs to Quist too and usually acts as the freighter’s pilot. The ship makes a trip from Kwenn Space Station to Danuta about once a month and has been doing so for about the last six months.

This timeframe links up with a heist that was pulled on a Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) installation on Coruscant. This detail is only relevant because they also found the stolen ISB goods on the freighter. From what they managed to piece together, the rebels were planning on passing themselves off as ISB agents to get into an old mine on Danuta that they are calling “Mesa 291.”  This is where the rebels were heading before Task Force 77 put them down.

KI-11 also obtained the classified information that he was trying to hack from Vorn. This deathstarplansinformation was provided by Darth Vader to the two leaders of Task Force 77, Vorn and Rassilore. It has a briefing about both Mesa 291 and The Danuta Research Facility.  Vader’s notes within the intel claims that Quist may be trying to infiltrate the facility as a part of Operation: Skyhook.

Apparently Mesa 291 was the original location for the Danuta Research Facility. The plan did not go well, and Mesa 291 was a failure. Instead, the Imperials moved the facility into what is now Trid, the capital city of Danuta. The facility on Danuta is on the western side of the city.

quistcloseupQuist began his service in the Galactic Republic’s naval fleet during the Clone Wars but retired after a long career after the Battle of Polis Massa about two years ago. After his retirement he became a rather notorious pirate, running missions for the Hutts. His specialty seemed to be moving Stimspice and Heavy Weapons along the Kessel Run trade route. Although what he was doing was technically illegal, he never had any difficulty with Imperial forces. However, recently Imperial Intelligence Officers uncovered several documents and data-files indicating that Quist was now taking jobs from known terrorists working for the Alliance as a mercenary. His most recent job? Help steal the plans for the Imperial Ultimate Weapon, “The Death Star.”

As Sondar and KI-11 got ready to tell the rest of Task Force 77 about Mesa 291, they were surprised to see three individuals come charging up the ramp of the Stock Light Freighter. They turned and saw a man in Mandalorian armor, a Trandoshan carrying a blaster rifle, and a woman … who matched the description of the other target … the rebel agent Dana Crane! But that wasn’t what worried the two Imperial agents … it was the man who … looked like … Boba Fett.

Everyone moved at once. Both Boba Fett and Sondar lifted their blaster rifles, itchy fingers on triggers. The Trandoshan hissed and lifted his rifle, leveling it on KI-11. And Dana squatted down defensively, already inching back down the ramp, pointing her blaster at Sondar.

Fett’s comm-link flared to life with a crackle of static. “Drop your weapons,” he announced in a flat toned voice. “And you’ll be allowed to live.”

boskkbobbaSondar called out to Fett with caution. “We don’t have to do this, brother!” He eyed Fett, amazed to see the man here on Danuta. Something seemed off about him. Sondar wasn’t sure what it was. His armor was badly damaged, not just scarred.  WAS this really Fett? And if so, was he working with .. the Rebellion?

KI-11’s droid brain had been moving at light speed. It had accessed several hundred files, searching for recently information about the bounty hunter known as Boba Fett. Fett was indeed under contact by the Imperials right now, namely by Darth Vader himself. However, Fett was not supposed to be in this sector of the galaxy. KI-11 kept scrolling through the information, trying to decide if this person was really Fett.

Dana shouted as she made a dash down the ramp. “The ship is lost! Cover me!’

Dana Crane

KI-11 brought his blaster rifle up level with Fett’s face.  “Good afternoon. This unit charts Boba Fett’s last known site as being aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator within the Lothal System. This was recorded three hours ago.”

The man in the Mandalorian armor started to move, outpacing the Assassin Droid’s aim by mere seconds. KI-11 fired his blaster rifle six times, leaving smoking holes in the interior hull of the ship as he tracked his target.

“This unit cig88assassindroidki11annot deactivate until you have been properly terminated,” announced KI-11. “Please remain stationary so this unit may begin termination.” He stepped forward, lifting the grenade launcher in its other hand. “Kill! Kill! Kill!” howled KI-11 loudly.

Sondar blurted out the mans name without even realizing it: “Jodo Kast!”

Kast chuckled through his comm-link. “The one and only!” He fired twice at KI-11, hitting the droid but doing no real damage. The Assassin Droid’s plating shrugged off both blasts. Kast came to a stop near his reptilian partner, and pointed towards Sondar.

“Don’t try it,” Sondar said through gritted teeth. “I’ll only tell you once!”

“Jungen,” said Kast through the static of his comm-link. “Take down that red bastard.” The Kast turned, jumping forward and using his jump pack to follow Crane dmandalorianred2own the ship’s ramp and away from the battle.

The Trandoshan squinted his bright green eyes, and started firing at Sondar. The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter activated his jump pack and dodged away from the blasts, reaching down to retrieve the lightsaber he had taken from the Jedi only a hour before.

As Sondar propelled himself towards Kast, igniting the lasersword with a hissing hum of energy. He swiped the weapon horizontally, slashing through Kast’s jetpack and slicing into Jungen’s chest. The Trandoshan went down, howling in pain while Jodo Kast lost control of his jetpack, sending him crashing into the ceiling and rebounding backwards against the far wall in a heap.

KIG-assassin_negtdI-11 started shooting again, blasting away at Kast’s already damaged armor. Manadalore armor is well made, and if it is maintained will protect its wearer effectively in a battlefield situation like this one. However, Jodo Kast was terrible at maintenance. His armor had a bad habit of failing. Each shot pounded off of the armor, chipping away until finally it was too much. Before long, Kast fell to the ground, incapacitated.

Lethality_Trandoshan_Shadow_SyndicateThe Trandoshan was wounded, but not out of the fight. He tossed a grenade haphazardly towards KI-ll causing the device to sail too far into the interior of the freighter. There was a loud explosion, and the ship shook. Sparks flew from some of the controls and smoke filled the interior. There were a few alarms going off. But KI-11 was unharmed.

Sondar landed on the ramp, about half way down. He set his blaster pistol to stun and fired at the rebel agent as she continued to run away. The first shot knocked her down, and the second knocked her out. Then as he heard the explosion from inside the ship, Sondar turned and shot the Trandoshan twice, sending the lizardman senseless to the floor of the freighter.

KI-11 stepped to the doorway of the freighter. “Admiral Voor has been notified of this incident. He will be in contact shortly.  This unit is detailing a report for submission containing necessary and relevant information.”

Sondar Visla nodded, knowing that meant that the droid was getting his story straight before Voor got here and started demanding to know what happened. He smiled to himself, and looked down at Dana Crane. “10,000 credits,” he mused. “Easy money.”

…to be continued…






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